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Note: We're closed for Sunday's except for large private parties 35 people or more

Welcome to Misiones de Kino Pasta Bella & Bar

“Where Mexico and Little Italy meet for a true culinary experience”

We have dedicated our Restaurant in honor of Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino Eusebio Francisco Kino (August 1645 – March 15 1711) was a priest from a town in what is now northern Italy. For the last 24 years of his life he worked in the region then known as the Pimaria Alta in modern day Sonora Mexico and southern Arizona. He explored the region worked with the indigenous Native American population, including primarily the Sobaipuri and other Upper Piman groups. He proved that Baja California is not an island by leading an overland expedition there. By the time of his death he had established 24 missions and visitas (country chapels or visiting stations).

Misiones de Kino is our “visita” (visiting station) for new and old friends, to share wine and break bread with each other. We welcome you to come and enjoy the tranquility and seclusion of an early Baja style Mission.

Misiones de Kino specializes in authentic Mexican, seafood dishes and exquisite Italian cuisine, all brought to you by our family Trattoria.

Special Events

Come and see our new remodel post hurricane Odile.
Even more romantic and beautiful then ever before.
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